Long-simmering hainan tao raw pharmaceutical co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "tao raw medicine") and Wu Hankang beads biological technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "Kang Zhu biological") strategic cooperation finally reached an agreement.Kang Zhu biological morning of June 2, 2017, chairman zhang years lady to visit hainan tao medical inspection, and with the tao gave birth to pharmaceutical chairman Mr Chen Taibo and chief executive, Mr Maike for cooperation between the two sides had in-depth discussion.Then, in the conference room of tao raw medicine "tao & Kang Zhu biological" strategic cooperation signing ceremony, the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement, has been clear about the Kang Zhu creature in the future will focus on research and development and production, and the tao gave birth to the medicine, as a marketing platform Kang Zhu creatures, both sides give full play to their own advantages, to promote the development of the two companies.